Forward Planner


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"A 12 Month Planning System for the Spiritual Leader"

Welcome to THE FORWARD PLANNER! This is a practical, step-by-step solution to the very common problem “aim at nothing, hit it every time”. Designed for you to simply turn the page in order to stay on track with Goals, Planning, Tracking, Discipling, Evaluation and Reflection. Created by ministry veterans to help every staff person and volunteer leader set course, stay on track, and feel productive.

PLEASE READ! This run of the Forward Planner contains a minor mistake. Two pages were printed out of order. As a result, we are including a free Young Life Decal with every Forward Planner purchased while supplies last. Page 48 and 64 were swapped and are out of order. Page 48 should be the Monthly Calendar, Sunday-Tuesday. Page 64 should be the 90 Day Goals, Goals #1-3.