Your holiday party is just weeks away and it hits you like a ton of frozen turkeys... what do I get for my donors, volunteers, and committee? Is it going to be left over camp trip tees, homemade pumpkin bread, or the same thing you've done the last 10 years?


We've all been there and we got you! Just follow these simple steps.


Step one. Contact the store. To get started, we just need to know three (and a half) things:

1. When do you need everything to arrive?

2. How many do you need?

3. What is your budget per person?

3.5. Do you already know what you want? 


Step two. Check out this nifty Lookbook we made. It has tons of great products, but even if you don't find the perfect gift, it gets the ideas flowing. We just like ideas. Ideas are our favorite.



Here at The Young Life Store we have people to help you shop who actually know and care about what you're looking for. Imagine that! We can't wait to make this year's gift your best one yet.

September 24, 2021 — Todd Jobin