Where do I start?

[1] What is your budget?

We recommend looking at your cost per person when thinkning about gift giving. For example if you know you want to spend $40 person then we can assist you to make sure you are getting the best value.

[2] Who are you gifting?

We love helping find the perfect item that people will not only love when they recieve it but for years to come. Think about who is recieveing this gift and what will serve them best!

[3] What is the timeline?

Start with your end date in mind and work backwards. We like to be safe in the crazy world of shipping and give custom gifts 6-8 weeks to turnaround and arrive at your doorstep on time!

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Real Life Experience

I love working with the YL Store for our annual gifts to staff.  We need gifts and items for events multiple times throughout the year, every year, so it can sometimes be a daunting task
to think of new and creative ideas that people will love.  The YL Store makes this part of my job so easy!  They have tons of options and help me troubleshoot if something I was interested in won't work, and always find options within our budget.  They help me brainstorm and have advice from what other areas and regions have done so we always get something that people will love and be excited to get!  I love giving gifts to our staff and working with the YL Store makes that part of my job so easy and enjoyable!

Abby Acree | Regional Administrator, Florida Region